Spring Cleaning...in February

Sunday, February 23, 2014

The last few weeks, and this entire winter, have been brutal in the northeast. I love opening up windows and getting fresh air in my apartment, but the last few months have been all about cranking up the heat and watching movies under piles of blankets. So when I woke up yesterday to sunny skies and 50+ degree temps, I opened the windows, cleaned and tackled items on my to-do list (thanks to a quick trip to Ikea). 

1. Hang something above my desk. I love this Norman Parkinson print of a mod hitchhiker from 1960. I love it even more that Ikea had a new 1960's matted fashion photography selection for $15. It looks great in its new spot.

2. Hang my hats. These hats have been in a box in my closet since May. Even when I want to wear them, I don't because I don't feel like digging them out of my closet. Mission accomplished! 

3. Spice up my kitchen window with plants. I actually have a green thumb, but living in the city hasn't exactly given me the opportunity to do much in the way of gardening in recent years. I love these two succulents that I found at Ikea for $2.99! 

4. Warm up my living room with a blanket. Everything in my living room is black or white, and I use pops of color to compliment the space. I love it - it's easy, clean and clutter free. This winter has driven me crazy, because I didn't have a blanket in my living room. When I wanted to get warm, I had to drag blankets out from my bedroom. Not a big deal, but it bugged me. This black and white striped blanket from Ikea works perfectly in my space. 

A perfect weekend to air out the apartment and start the week reorganized and feeling refreshed! Hope wherever you are the weather was as perfect as it was here! 

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