Matchy, Matchy Stripes

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

I had a big meeting today and a long holiday weekend (thanks, presidents) to obsess over my big meeting ensemble. I had the perfect look planned. I even ironed it. Then, it happened. It being more snow. About four inches of new accumulation on top of the nonsense that is the melting and freezing and remelting and refreezing slushy slop that has basically made me give up trying to look stylish on a daily basis. 

Instantly, my awesome ironed and well planned outfit was out the window. Even though I'm tired of rehashing my winter wardrobe, I was determined to come up with something fun and professional that I hadn't worn before. I started with a Gap skirt that I bought in January for just under $7 and built my look around it - super happy with the result! Cute, warm (key), professional and I didn't have to buy anything new! Here's how I wore it: 

Skirt: black and royal stripe, Gap, $6.97 (super sale, this season)
Blouse: white with navy blue ribbon accent, J. Crew Factory, $19 (clearance - reduced from $79, this season)
Jacket: wool, Old Navy, super sale, old (perfectly matches the stripes in my skirt)
Heels: Talbots, old 

P.S. The meeting went well! Also, I wore snow boots to work and changed into the heels. Never sacrifice your good shoes! 

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