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Saturday, February 1, 2014

For months I have been looking for vintage black capes on Etsy and eBay. I am really short, so I was having a tough time deciding on a cape as so many looked like they would be too long for me. Then, I saw this cape on eBay:

Image: Sammy Dress

The item was available from multiple sellers and varied in price. And so the search continued until one day when curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on an ad for Sammy Dress, an online retailer based overseas that is sort of like a virtual Forever 21, but cheaper (and with a lot more inventory). I was ecstatic when I spotted the cape for $2 and some change, and with the $10 off coupon offered through the ad (no longer valid), shipping was going to be (more or less) free. Sammy Dress even featured customer reviews with photos, which were hugely helpful in making my decision! For the price, I had next to nothing to lose and ordered the cape. 

And then I waited. The cape arrived just shy of a month after it shipped (which was the day after purchase), a reasonable time frame having shipped things internationally plenty of times through eBay. The item arrived in the tiniest vacuum packed bag imaginable, but while it was wrinkled at first, the cape flattened out nicely on its own (and quickly, too). Initially, I wasn't sure about the cape. A button popped off when I tried it on, but the material is nice, it is warm and hits at a great length. I love the slits for the arms, too.

For $2, I took out the sewing kit, fixed the missing button and reinforced the others. Voila! Transformed into a great little cape that I love!

Sammy Dress sells a lot of clothes, but their jackets really seem to be the item that makes the site a great find. I would definitely recommend ordering from them, just be prepared to pay for rush shipping if you need your purchase in a timely manner. Overall, another great resource in my thrifting shopping arsenal!

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