People often ask me where I got a skirt, shirt or dress, and they often look surprised when I tell them the answer. They're usually really surprised when I blabber on and tell them how much I paid for that piece when they haven't asked (this may also be because they think I am insane). I love to shop, and it's genuinely one of only a few things that I'm really good at. Below are some of my favorite places to go to shop..some of them may surprise you, too!

Forever 21 is hands down one of my favorite stores. Their willingness to brazenly knock off J.Crew, Gap, Kate Spade and other retailers/designers makes shopping there completely justifiable (I say that, because most people my age shop there for their children, not for themselves).

H&M is a great place to go for work basics. In fact, their "Basics" collection makes shopping for affordable t-shirts, jersey knit skirts, cardigans and other go-to items a breeze. Try to hit up their sale sections for $15 blazers, $10 jeans and their high end designer collaboration and eco-friendly items on super sale.

Gap sales are truly worth waiting for. Make sure you sign up for their emails when you're making a purchase and just wait for the extra 40% off sale emails to arrive. When you score your first pair of $70 jeans for $5, you can thank me!

LOFT has some of the best sales of any retailer out there. Make sure you sign up for their emails to receive notifications for their flash sales and get their current items at huge savings!

Ross, Marshall's and T.J. Maxx are a must. From name brand shoes and jewelry to lighting and furniture, these stores can't be missed. I buy the most random things here - ear buds, Yankee Candles, purses, knit tights...Really scour Ross. I've gotten two pair of Michael Kors shoes and a Michael Kors watch for a song!

Target offers on trend clothing items and designer collaborations at affordable prices.

The Dollar Tree is my favorite place to buy cleaning/paper products. Everything is literally one dollar. My least favorite thing is to spend money on cleaners and paper products and The Dollar Tree has completely eliminated that feeling! Dollar General and Family Dollar are a close second in the discount cleaning product division, mainly because they carry name brand items and you can buy Glade and Proctor & Gamble items at rock bottom prices.

Craigslist and eBay. Want a new household item? Try Craigslist after you determine what you want and see if you can't find it there either free or at a much cheaper cost. One of the best things about my recent move is that it was timed conveniently with all of the college kids in my area moving out. The city was a Craigslist goldmine and I was the winner! eBay is also great for items like jewelry, purses, shoes and sunglasses.

Flea Markets and Craft Fairs can be the greatest places to find vintage, repurposed and handcrafted items for low prices. Follow local crafters and markets on social media sites to get previews of listings and sales. Some sellers will arrange for advance sales and guide you to their Etsy or online marketplace to make easy purchases.

Social Media is an unexpected place to find great deals, but believe me, they're there. A lot of fashion bloggers sell their used items (lightly used and in amazing shape) on Instagram and Vine. Tour their closets and buy their goods through PayPal. It may seem risky (make sure it's a reputable blogger), but I've both sold and purchased items using these tools.

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