Holiday Shopping Woes

Monday, November 30, 2015

 I am convinced that the only people who do well on Black Friday or Cyber Monday are people looking for major appliances or who don't shop frequently and have no idea they're getting a bad deal. Because you're getting a bad deal. Even sites that used to deliver big sales (, I'm looking at you and doing some serious reminiscing over your $99 Frye boot deals of yesteryear), increased the prices of items from early last week. And by a lot. Like $69 a lot in some cases. Huge brands were offering 15-20% off and calling those cyber Monday sales. For small business, those are perfectly acceptable sale percentages, but for ModCloth to offer 25%? And Gap. 40%? Gap regularly offers 50% off just because it's a Tuesday. Cyber Monday used to mean deep discounts that made you feel like you stuck it to the man. Now many of the sales are worse than if you belong to an email list. So what did I buy? A bronze jackalope from White Faux Taxidermy, because I need all the fancy things more than a refrigerator or a shirt. That is all. 

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