More Love for Derek Cardigan and Coastal!

Friday, January 17, 2014

I am a huge fan of glasses and anybody who knows me or reads my blog knows that is one of my favorite things! If you really know me, you also know that Derek Cardigan is my boy. My DC frames are on trend, affordable and versatile. What could be better?

When named me one of their Style Ambassadors (fun!) and asked me to review a pair of designer frames, I briefly hesitated over a pair of Balenciaga cateyes before ordering the pair I've had my eye on for a while - Derek Cardigan's 7008 frames in Ice. Clear frames. Plus DC? How genius! They go with literally everything, are really comfortable and give off a fresh and modern vibe. Also, I ventured away from my round frame and cateye comfort zone to try a more rectangular shape. Here is how I wore them:

Jacket: Gap navy boucle with black leather trim ($32.99, reduced from $88), this season
Pants: Gap window pane ($7.18, reduced from $54.50), this season
Shoes: thrifted, $5
Necklace: Stella & Dot Estate Bib, sold out (available on eBay)
Earrings: diamond studs, gift to myself
Rings and cuff: Silpada

Sally Hansen Moisture Twist

Sunday, January 12, 2014

When it comes to being good at typical "girl" things, I am hit or miss. I am good at clothes. I am great at shoes. I am lucky when it comes to decorating. Hair is something that has taken years to understand. Makeup still escapes me.

This is really unfortunate as I have spent years trying. Remember the makeup tutorials in Teen and Seventeen many, many moons ago? I actually really tried to be really good at them. It's just not a girl skill that I'm good at...along with wrapping gifts and sending thank you cards. That being said, I am always game for trying new products and experimenting (actually, all of my makeup applications are experimental). I'm a total drugstore junkie. Sephora and Ulta are so not in my budget. My extreme weakness is when I see the 50 - 75% off stickers at CVS. To be honest, I have no idea why I went to CVS the other day, but all I know is the makeup section was sea of pink and green sale dot stickers! I am super excited to have made a purchase outside of my comfort zone (eye shadow and nail polish). I went for a Sally Hansen primer and color lip gloss, Moisture Twist. This is my first non-nail Sally purchase and I was really surprised by how great the product is.

Top: Berry Blend (love) Bottom: Cherry Twist

Originally $4.99, these were 75% off and were only $.49 at checkout (I suck at math and just knew they were going to be super cheap). Total score. I love gloss.  Lipstick has never been my thing. This was such a great discovery, the color is subtle, the gloss is lasting and it's not sticky! Literally, it lasts for hours between applications. For $.49, it simply can't be beat. Now, if you read my blog and know about my love for CVS coupons, you'll appreciate what I did with this bad boy...

Yep. I went back and got more. For free. Two for myself and one for a friend! This time, I bought more neutral colors that are great for daily wear. 

Top: Spun Sugar (love) Bottom: Mixed Up Mauve

I am sad that these are likely discontinued, but excited to have four to last me for a decent length of time. If you can find these, they are well worth the price, whether it be $4.99 or $.49 (or free)! 

Kate Spade Idiom Bangle and My Latest Obsession

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nothing is better than when one of your favorite things from your childhood collides with one of your favorite things in your adult life. When I first saw Kate Spade's "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" line a few years ago, a few of the items immediately made it onto my imaginary wish list.

I have loved the Beastie Boys for almost as long as I can remember...I have vivid memories of sitting under a neighbor's tree with friends listening to my sister's boombox blast License to Ill. Add in Kate Spade's whimsy and it's perfect for 30-somethings like me who like to have fun with their accessories. Every once in a while, I look on eBay for the "No Sleep Till" idiom line, but the items command some serious loot. Then, a few weeks ago, KS ran one of their amazing 75% off sales. As I perused the items online, there it was - the idiom bangle for only $39! Blind with excitement, I had purchased and checked out before even being able to analyze the purchase. 

So excited that this is mine AND it goes with my current obsession, black and gold! Speaking of, this obsession extends to my first Mariah Carey purchase - Wonderous Star nail polish from her OPI line. Yes. Mariah is in the nail game. I had a party nail for a few days before deciding to go full on late 1970's disco queen nails. And I'm loving every minute of it! 

The absolute most sparkly and glam polish!

More Craigslist Finds and Vintage Luggage

I've shared several Craigslist finds over the last few months, but haven't shared one of my favorites. My Ikea PS cabinet was one of my first Craigslist finds after moving into my apartment last spring. I bought it from a Penn grad student who was moving back to Chicago post-graduation. The cost? A super affordable $20 (the PS is still sold at Ikea for $99). I haven't shared it, until now, because I keep toying with the idea of making it an industrial wonder by stripping the paint and making it a matte steele. The white has grown on me, and it does work well with my decor. Plus, I do live in an apartment, and stripping and painting may lead to headaches and/or hallucinations from the fumes. For now, it shall remain white. It's a great sleek piece and perfect for concealed storage.

Next up, my newly acquired avocado green American Tourister suitcase! I love vintage anything, but with my maps and globes, vintage luggage really ties everything together. I always have my eyes peeled for new finds, but haven't seen anything that stood out in a while. Two days ago, as Philadelphia waited for a ridiculous cold spell and snowstorm to hit, a gorgeous American Tourister case popped up on my online yard sale. The price? A super cheap...$8! Depending on the condition, vintage American Tourister can fetch anywhere between $25-100.  I would like to acquire some additional pieces in a variety of colors before deciding what to do with them (stacking them seems like a great idea and I've also seen a super adorable dog bed hack). For now, it's serving as decor in my bedroom in the shadow of my vintage world map! Love it!