Kate Spade Idiom Bangle and My Latest Obsession

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Nothing is better than when one of your favorite things from your childhood collides with one of your favorite things in your adult life. When I first saw Kate Spade's "No Sleep Till Brooklyn" line a few years ago, a few of the items immediately made it onto my imaginary wish list.

I have loved the Beastie Boys for almost as long as I can remember...I have vivid memories of sitting under a neighbor's tree with friends listening to my sister's boombox blast License to Ill. Add in Kate Spade's whimsy and it's perfect for 30-somethings like me who like to have fun with their accessories. Every once in a while, I look on eBay for the "No Sleep Till" idiom line, but the items command some serious loot. Then, a few weeks ago, KS ran one of their amazing 75% off sales. As I perused the items online, there it was - the idiom bangle for only $39! Blind with excitement, I had purchased and checked out before even being able to analyze the purchase. 

So excited that this is mine AND it goes with my current obsession, black and gold! Speaking of, this obsession extends to my first Mariah Carey purchase - Wonderous Star nail polish from her OPI line. Yes. Mariah is in the nail game. I had a party nail for a few days before deciding to go full on late 1970's disco queen nails. And I'm loving every minute of it! 

The absolute most sparkly and glam polish!

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