More Craigslist Finds and Vintage Luggage

Saturday, January 4, 2014

I've shared several Craigslist finds over the last few months, but haven't shared one of my favorites. My Ikea PS cabinet was one of my first Craigslist finds after moving into my apartment last spring. I bought it from a Penn grad student who was moving back to Chicago post-graduation. The cost? A super affordable $20 (the PS is still sold at Ikea for $99). I haven't shared it, until now, because I keep toying with the idea of making it an industrial wonder by stripping the paint and making it a matte steele. The white has grown on me, and it does work well with my decor. Plus, I do live in an apartment, and stripping and painting may lead to headaches and/or hallucinations from the fumes. For now, it shall remain white. It's a great sleek piece and perfect for concealed storage.

Next up, my newly acquired avocado green American Tourister suitcase! I love vintage anything, but with my maps and globes, vintage luggage really ties everything together. I always have my eyes peeled for new finds, but haven't seen anything that stood out in a while. Two days ago, as Philadelphia waited for a ridiculous cold spell and snowstorm to hit, a gorgeous American Tourister case popped up on my online yard sale. The price? A super cheap...$8! Depending on the condition, vintage American Tourister can fetch anywhere between $25-100.  I would like to acquire some additional pieces in a variety of colors before deciding what to do with them (stacking them seems like a great idea and I've also seen a super adorable dog bed hack). For now, it's serving as decor in my bedroom in the shadow of my vintage world map! Love it! 

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