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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I have been toying with the idea of getting new glasses ever since I got my new Gucci frames last spring. Why would I want new glasses when my frames were only a year old? Because even though my Gucci's are great, they are blue, which is limiting (matching is key to a point). Plus, I am a huge nerd, so the fact that nerdy glasses are a thing makes me want about five pair to mix and match with. I also didn't want to spend Gucci glasses money on trendy nerd frames. Enter coastal.com. I am sure you have seen their ads somewhere - likely on Facebook. Perhaps you saw a friend claim a deal from them, "like" their page or boast about a free set of glasses (and you assume their account has been hacked). No. Coastal.com is all that and more. You only need your prescription to order and will have to pay for shipping, but your first pair (frames and lenses) is indeed free. How easy is that? They don't even ask to see your prescription! Not all of their frames are eligible for the first pair free offer, but many are. Very quickly, I fell in love with a brand named Derek Cardigan. My selection method was extremely scientific. I found a pair of frames I liked, then I searched for them on real people on Instagram. Sounds crazy, but it worked great. For my free pair, I selected the 7012 black fade.
I was so thrilled with them (and received so many compliments on them), that I ordered a second pair (7012 Derek Cardigan in tortoiseshell) at 30% off.
They frequently run sales (and good ones at that, 2/$95 for complete frames and you can submit your receipt for insurance). Coastal.com (and other optical sites like Warby Parker) believe that glasses should be an interchangeable accessory, and not something you should sink a wad of cash into every few years. My kind of thinking. May I also note they ship quickly and have impeccable customer service. Basically, Coastal.com is a brilliant company. I've recommended them to numerous people already (they sell prescription sunglasses as well) and carry regular designers (in case you're too cool for my boy, Derek). My face is much happier with three sets of glasses to now choose from, and I have become a full on junkie and can't wait to buy another pair!

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