What I Wore Yesterday

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Putting an outfit together on a hot June day is next to impossible. You want to look nice, but have to be prepared for the following challenges 1. sweating 2. being cold in air conditioning and 3. your hair/makeup getting all kinds of unruly. I tried to solve these problems yesterday by keeping it simple - the less fuss the better! 
What I wore: 
Eugenia Kim for Target hat (2010, clearance)
Striped Mossimo maxi dress (Target, this season, $29.99)
Vintage Longchamp crossbody bag (one of my favorite thrifted finds, $20)
Old Navy flip flops ($2.50)
(many thanks to a photographer far too talented to be on my blog for the photo of me)
The Longchamp bag has been in rotation recently as one of my favorite purses. Let it be known that I did meet a total stranger in a post office parking lot to buy this. Isn't it beautiful?

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