Moving Woes, Part II

Saturday, June 29, 2013

When I leased my apartment, I was excited about two things: 1. my bedroom is gigantic 2. I have a deck (key to city living). After getting the initial move out of the way, it became obvious that I needed a desk for my bedroom (as piles on my floor are unacceptable). Quite easily, I found and purchased a used Ikea desk for $10 off of Craigslist. With the purchase of the desk, I needed to secure the perfect desk chair for my bedroom. Immediately, I pulled up Craigslist, typed in "Eames," and prayed that something halfway decent would turn up in the results. Luck was on my side, as a beautiful Eames Molded Plywood Lounge replica came up in the results - a bargain at $75. My obsession with Charles and Ray Eames began in 1997 when I took a college elective on design and architecture in the US. When we started to learn about mid-century modern, small town me suddenly understood why I never "got" the country decor that my mom prefers. I always had a sense of style, but I never had seen furniture design that "matched" my personality and taste. Ever since that class, I have been hooked, so when I found the Eames replica chair for $75 (others on Craigslist had the same chair listed for $195), I jumped at the listing. The chair is gorgeous and nicely dresses up my simple desk. I am thrilled with it! 
Next up, the deck. For nearly two months, my deck sat empty. Why? Finding simple and inexpensive deck chairs (that don't look like they were designed specifically for NASCAR viewing parties) is impossible. I had found a chair that I liked at Ikea, but at $30 a pop, buying two was pushing the high end of my budget. Miraculously, I found a girl selling a set of those chairs on Craigslist for $50. I successfully haggled her down to $40 and saved myself $20 off of the original Ikea price (they are in great condition, but do have a few marks). 
Tonight, I gave my new deck chairs a trial run and enjoyed the first non-rainy night we've had in days! My pug and I sat outside and enjoyed the breeze - it was amazing! Chairs=deck success! 
The nearly empty apartment that could is coming together nicely, and, not to brag, I'm getting scary good at finding amazing deals on Craigslist. Next up, my DIY curtain project that may prove to be either brilliant or disastrous. Stay tuned!

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