Forever 21 Skinnies

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pants are my nemesis. I am short and pear shaped, but only weigh 100 pounds. Fortunately, I like skirts and dresses, because let me tell you, pants are just not manufactured for my body type. Work pants are the most difficult to find, but jeans are the absolute worst. I could shop for an entire day and come up empty handed.That being said, imagine my surprise when I discovered how well Forever 21's skinny jeans fit me. Let me discuss why they're so awesome:

-the length is 29 inches. Perfect! No hemming needed! 
-they come in every color of the rainbow
-they last forever (no pun intended)
-the fit is amazing
-the price for their jeans begins at $7.80
-they are like the sisterhood of the traveling pants in that they fit everybody I know...and trust me, I make sure everybody knows about them! 

Yesterday, traffic was pretty bad after work, so I swung by the mall while other people sat in a jam. I picked up a spare pair (for $7.80) and had to share my tip. Forever 21 - my go to for denim!
Proof they look good with various shoes:
l. to r., Sperry boat shoes, Nine West pumps and Lucky Brand ankle boots. 
Shirt: Old Navy, past season

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