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Saturday, March 15, 2014

For about a solid month, I've been obsessing over leather pants. I blame Johnny Weir (see post Johnny Weir is my spirit animal for reference). I have bought faux leather jeans from H&M and returned them (yes-the same pair from my Johnny post ended up being too faux for my liking), read countless reviews of vegan leather leggings and jeans (I'll save you the time, Blank NYC has the best reviewed and most affordable options) and searched online for sales. Then I had one of those moments where my own stupidity hurt - I hadn't checked eBay. Now, I had a pair of Gap leather pants ages ago. 2001 or 2002 ages ago. I knew what size would fit and ran a search. Immediately, a slew of options appeared. I decided against black. Everybody has black and brown is more my speed. I found a gorgeous deep brown/burgundy pair in my size (I sized up to a four on the hunch these wouldn't have any give and be a bit more snug) for only $18. My guess was right and the 4 fits perfectly.

They had a few noticeable scratches on them, but I used my trusty Doc Martens Wonder Balsam on them and voilà, no more scratches! 

For $18 (and free shipping), I am thrilled and can't wait to wear them! Another major eBay score! 

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