Tracy Reese Dress for Less

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A few weeks ago, when I was invited to a wedding (as a plus one), I excitedly said yes. I have always loved to dress up. When I was in elementary school, I actually made my mom make my clothes (maybe "made" is a stretch) and picked out dress patterns with her. So I basically live for being invited to occasions that involve formalwear. Also, I love a challenge, especially when it comes to finding a great clothing item at a great price. Enter eBay!

Although I have a lot of dresses, many of them are older and have seen better days. Also, an April wedding is tricky. It could be a gorgeous day or it could snow. I began my eBay search by looking at a few different brands that have worked for me in the past. I couldn't find any dresses that I absolutely loved. While conducting random searches, I found the most perfect Tracy Reese wool dress for $44.99. Crazy for a Tracy Reese dress. Surely this was a mistake. I added it to my watch list and stalked the auction like it was my job. Finally, I placed a bid in the last 30 seconds and it was mine! Super excited that it fits so well, as I gambled on the size (and there is no size tag in the dress). Can't wait to wear it next weekend! 

Also, I'm at my mom and dad's house this weekend. My mom asked me what I wanted to do with all of my old perfume. What? Apparently, I have a problem tossing perfume bottles. All of these have only a few days worth of spritzes in them.  Does anybody else have that problem? 

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