Purple Shampoo

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Purple shampoo is everywhere right now - blogs, Pinterest, Instagram and magazines. Like I said, everywhere! So, what is it (other than a miracle product)? Because purple is opposite yellow on the color wheel, purple shampoo removes brassiness from blond hair and, if it works, is supposed to make your color look...well, pretty much perfect. I am an easy sell on products that promise to make color look great, as I've been coloring my hair since I was 18! Blonde, black, brown, it's been severely abused, but most recently, I've tried my hardest to get back to my natural color, an ashy blond that wants to pull yellow in the worst way. Enter purple shampoo. What I bought:

Is it really purple? Um...

Does it work? Follow the instructions and do not use daily, but yes. I already stretch out my colorist appointments as long as possible, but this trick is going to add some serious longevity to my highlights! 

Ta da! 

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