My Favorite Place to Shop (a Farewell)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved to play dress up. My sister and I were really lucky and had great dress up clothes. Not only did we have costumes that my father had brought back from Turkey (where he was stationed in the military), but we had my Aunt Violet's old clothes and shoes as well. The years have gone by, but I still play dress up when I'm bored (for very adult purposes, like determining what outfit would be perfect for a big meeting), and just like when I was little, my favorite dress up clothes have been stored in my childhood bedroom closet. Until last weekend.
You see, my mom told me I had to empty the closet, and rightfully so. For years, I've been keeping clothes that still fit (but that I've tired of wearing) at their home. Occasionally, I would visit and rediscover a great sweater or dress. Jokingly, and much to my mother's chagrin, I referred to the closet as my favorite place to shop. It was a goldmine, and I know, because last weekend I cleaned it out for *good. My sister and some friends made out like bandits, and I'd like to think I did too! Here are some of my favorite old pieces that are new again and back in rotation (all from Antropologie from years ago):

This was me today, after work. Love that I found this skirt again (and that it still fits). 

Seriously. How insane is this Swiss dot shirt with bunnies and lions all over it? It's like Beatrix Potter came out with a fashion line! 

This sweater is actually Anthropologie via a consignment shop in Richmond (I lived there ages ago). The poodle is made out of felted pom poms and the flowers are intricately beaded. So cute! 

It was really sad emptying the closet that was mine since I was a little girl (I dare my mom to master the wobbly shelf like me) but great to come back to my new home with great old finds! Do you have any favorite clothing items that you've recently rediscovered?

* Hopefully, my mom won't find the two dresses and coat that I sneakily hung in the back of the closet for good measure. I wouldn't want to totally rid myself of a childhood memory after all. 

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