Monogram Madness...and a Mystery Animal

Friday, August 16, 2013

Forever 21 is my secret weapon. From $10 skinny jeans to my Kate Spade knockoff black and white polka dot cigarette pants to my sheer chiffon tops and graphic sweaters that instantly make an outfit, I can always count on Forever. Their jewelry selection is also worth perusing, and yesterday, I struck gold. Well, plated, at least. Not only was I able to buy an adorable "L" necklace and ring ($3.80 and $2.80 respectively), but I also bought a really cute ring with a mystery animal on it. What is that thing? A fox? A gazelle? For $3.80, it's cute and cheap, and, now, it is mine.

I actually had to stop myself from buying several other items including House of Harlow starburst knockoffs and a Kate Spade bow necklace/earring set. Too much jewelry, not enough places to wear them to, but I can't pass up monogrammed anything, so voila and ooh la la! Love these new Forever finds!

1 comment:

  1. It's a fox - I've seen plenty!!!! :-)