Coated Denim for Less!

Friday, August 23, 2013

I literally can't look at a blog or a September issue right now without seeing coated denim on all of the bloggers/models. Coated denim? Yes, jeans with a resin or wax like coating on them to give the jeans a leathery look. Naturally, the jeans on blogs and in mags are by Habitual, Current/Elliott and J Brand and cost more than $200 a pair. So not happening in my small world. After all, this is a passing trend. My rule of spending money on staples, not on fads stands, so I've not even allowed myself to try on a pair. Then, I found H&M's take on coated jeans for a sensible $29.99. Great fit, awesome gold ankle zip detail and did i mention $200 less than everybody else? Yep, and they're mine. 

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