Tom Ford Cat Eyes for Less

Friday, July 19, 2013

Months and months ago, I began lusting after Tom Ford's ridiculously exaggerated cat eye frames. They are totally overpriced for my budget and completely over the top. In other words...they screamed my name and I decided they needed to be mine. I bookmarked them on my computer. I would read blogger reviews and dream that I'd wake up and there would miraculously be $360 extra in my checking account for them. Just when I would think my obsession for these frames had died down, somebody I follow would post a blog about their Tom Ford frames and reignite the insanity.
So, why didn't I just buy them? At the heart of my budget is the fact that I am a realist. There would never be an extra $360 in my bank account, and if a miracle like that did occur, I am too disciplined and would wisely pay bills and not blow the money on glasses (especially given the fact that I have three other perfectly good sets of eyes on my nightstand-and two older sets in my car). Early in my discovery of the enigma that is Derek Cardigan (seriously, DC, can we be best friends?), I found his 7006 frames for a cool $88. They are, without a doubt, the best Tom Ford ripoffs. The lenses aren't as big, but they are obviously an exaggerated cat eye. I hemmed and hawed. And bought two other Derek Cardigan glasses in the meantime. Finally, I caved and bought them during one of's sales. Why not?

Do you like how I tried to emulate the model's creepy dead eyes?

I still love the Tom Ford version (really, really love them, in fact). More than my love for Tom is the fact that I didn't break the bank on these AND they are everything I was hoping they'd be - fun, quirky and different! I ordered the brown/tortoise option, and instantly regretted not ordering the black pair. I was especially pleased to find the 7006 frames I received looked very black when looking directly at me, but from the side are obviously the brown/tortoise pair. The best of both worlds. They were meant to be mine!

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