Yelling at Myself: Stop Buying Vintage Bags!

Monday, November 18, 2013

My recent obsession with vintage crossbody bags has reached maximum levels of ridiculous. Since August, I have been looking for a vintage 80's Coach crossbody (preferably Wallis). While searching on what is proving to be my downfall, an online yard sale, I found one for sale, new in its box! The price the seller was asking? $30. MINE! 

Isn't she pretty? Vintage Coach bags in varying condition can be found on Etsy ranging in price from $30 (a lot of scratches and flaws) to $85-$100 (and up for bags in excellent condition). I haven't stopped carrying this since I picked it up a few weeks ago! 

Funny story: I picked this up at the seller's house before I left on a trip and she offered me pancakes at her house. Hilarious.

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