Need to Know: Lotta from Stockholm

Saturday, March 21, 2015

I have an irrational obsession for shoes with wooden soles. I own six pairs of shoes with wooden soles (now seven). That seems like a lot, right? Regardless, I fell in love with Swedish Hasbeens years ago when they started popping up everywhere. I did not fall in love with their price tag. Even on sale, every style I like is over $100. On my budget, that is not happening. Then, an old friend from Richmond posted pictures of her new "they look just like Swedish Hasbeens, but are a fraction of the cost" shoes. Since I have no shame, I promptly asked where they came from and learned about Lotta from Stockholm. More importantly, I learned about the Sales-n-Seconds portion of their website. Within minutes of  this discovery, I had purchased red Mary Janes for a song and began dreaming of springtime outfits to pair them with. The fit is great and the leather is a gorgeous color of red (I'm very particular abouty reds). The shipping was fast to the United States, too. 

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