Sunburst Mirror and Gap Sale!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Whenever I go to HomeGoods or Marshall's (or any other discount store that sells home furnishings) I look for sunburst mirrors. They're always gorgeous and somewhere in the $100 price range. If you know me, you know that price isn't even an option. Nevertheless, I  look. On Wednesday, a gorgeous vintage sunburst mirror popped up on my online yard sale. The price? A cool $5! I picked it up on Thursday and it fits perfect above the small book case in my living room. Love it!

Next up, the annual spring closet switch out is always a daunting task. Winter coats are so bulky and difficult to store. Plus, putting boots and sweaters away is an exercise in creative space manipulation (because that's a real thing).  This year, I also had the painful realization (painful in that my budget is tight) that I desperately need new spring/summer shirts. I always buy great skirts and dresses, then struggle when I need a basic tee. Enter the latest Gap sale. Already reduced prices are an additional 30% off (when you buy four items) and 35% off (when you buy five items). I was able to get four basic spring/summer tops for just $13.93! Happy me! Saving money and freshening up my wardrobe! 

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